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Come live in luxury at one of the most beautiful condominium associations along the exclusive Long Beach Ocean Corridor. Located on the Northside of Downtown Long Beach at 400 West Ocean Boulevard and 411 Seaside Way, the West Ocean condominium buildings are home to a much-desired high-rise residential address. Built in 2007, the West Ocean Towers feature design elements from architect John Perkins Sr. that set these contemporary classic towers apart from the traditional square-shaped buildings of the past.

With more metal and glass incorporated into the building’s facade than previous developments, the rounded edges of the West Ocean Towers help optimize the breathtaking views of both Downtown Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean. Each tower offers one to three bedroom condominiums that average anywhere between 900 and 3,290 square feet. The West Ocean Boulevard tower serves as home to 134 units while the Seaside Way tower houses an additional 114 units.

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Purchasing a condominium at West Ocean is much more than just buying a home; you’re purchasing a lifestyle of luxury as well. Residents of West Ocean are provided hotel-like amenities such as 24-hour security, exemplary concierge service, multiple lounge and lobby areas, fitness centers, sauna, climate-cooled private wine storage, theater and media room, corporate meeting room, an expansive recreation room with a billiard table, management on-site, and guest suites for visitors and family. Residents of the two buildings also have access to a swimming pool and spa, the surrounding lounge chairs, deck dining, outdoor fire pits with nearby seating, and multiple grilling areas. With luxury amenities like these, it is clear to see why the luxury condominium buildings of West Ocean are the pinnacle of urban high-rise living.

What’s Nearby

One of the greatest things about living in one of the West Ocean towers is the superb location. Both buildings are a short distance from entertainment, multiple ethnic restaurants, Shoreline Village, a weekly Farmer’s Market, a Performing Arts Center, the Pike Outlets and Cinema, the East Village Arts District, the Long Beach Convention Center, the Metro, the Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path, and the beach. Downtown Long Beach also offers a variety of annual events such as the Grand Prix, Festivals at Rainbow Park, Pine Avenue’s Taste of Downtown, and so much more.

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What Are Floor Plans?

Floor plans are scale drawings that show the relationship between spaces, rooms, and physical features as viewed from above. They assist people in visualizing how they will move through a home. Floor plans also make it easier for individuals to check if the rooms are suitable for their intended purpose. Essentially, floor plans are simple diagrams that show room-by-room layouts in addition to providing a conceptual starting point for designers and possible tenants.

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What are CC&Rs?

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions are the rules and limits that are placed on a condominium complex or group of homes by a developer, builder, homeowners association, or neighborhood association. When living in a condominium where CC&Rs are in place, an owner would give up certain rights to be a part of the shared living community. Some examples of common CC&Rs in condominiums are smoking restrictions, rules about the noise level and parking, minimum and maximum square footage requirements, height restrictions, and paint color guidelines to maintain aesthetic design.

West Ocean CC&Rs and Bylaws

People interested in purchasing a condo in the West Ocean community often ask to see the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs) as well as questions regarding the budget, and other Homeowners Association (HOA) issues. Many people don't know that CC&Rs are public information and recorded at the county tax recorder. I have included the West Ocean CC&Rs as part of this website so that potential buyers may review them before writing an offer if they wish. I also would like to emphasize that this is not a replacement for getting a full package through escrow. There are often many updates, and you also want to be confident that you are getting this information from an unbiased third party who is getting them directly from the source with the most current details. I felt it was useful to have this information out there for those who wish to do their homework.

Besides being a leading realtor and property manager at West Ocean at the time of this writing, I am a resident of Tower 1 who is serving on my second full term on the Board of Directors. My family and I love living at West Ocean. I love the lifestyle of living in Downtown Long Beach and the luxury of living in a high-rise of this caliber. I walk to work, run on the beach in the mornings, and enjoy going out in the town. I have lived and sold along the Long Beach Ocean Corridor for over 20 years and say with great confidence that this is one of the best communities on the street. The West Ocean HOA is very well run. It is financially secure, and there is a real sense of community among those who live there.

West Ocean Condominiums have some of the most beautiful facilities on the Ocean Corridor. There are two lobbies where you and your guest are always politely greeted. They have an excellent system for receiving and tracking packages that are dropped off. West Ocean may be friendly but is also known for being strict regarding the rules. It is essential for new buyers to understand that you cannot move in on weekends, you cannot have more than two pets, there are rules regarding the use of the pool and the common area rooms at West Ocean. West Ocean can be particularly restrictive about what movers and contractors you use. They must be approved, and they will be required to have substantial insurance. You are not allowed to have hardwood floors in the bedrooms at West Ocean, and any flooring that is not carpeting must be approved. All of the rules are there to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for all the residents of the West Ocean community, as well as protecting the owners form making costly mistakes.

Rules Regarding Rentals

Consistent with the culture of West Ocean, there are restrictions on renting units. There are absolutely no short-term rentals allowed at West Ocean. In fact, there has been a recent rule change stating specifically "Any lease and rental agreement must be for a term of at least one (1) year." Additionally, tenants are required to carry renters insurance at West Ocean, a copy of the signed lease with a signed West Ocean Lease Addendum must be turned in to the Management Office before the tenant may move in. Another interesting fact that I think is an excellent idea, is that if an owner is behind in their HOA dues, the West HOA has the tenant pay rent directly to the West Ocean Homeowners Association until the dues are caught up. This payment plan was a great tool to keep the West Ocean HOA financially sound during the last real estate downturn.

Rules Regarding Moving In

Like most high-rises Long Beach, West Ocean has specific protocols that are required when people move in. People who are not accustomed to living in a high-rise might find it excessive. New owners' and tenants' movers will need to be approved, and they will need to meet specific insurance requirements. The new occupant will need to make a Refundable Damage Deposit of $500 and pay a Non-Refundable fee of $250 to the West Ocean HOA. There are extra charges if you do not make your 5-hour window. Although it may seem like this is a profit center for the HOA, it is not. They incur expenses at the move in that this helps to offset.


There are rules at West Ocean condominiums that may seem like a hassle. These inconveniences are part of living in a luxury high rise community, and they are there for a reason. West Ocean is absolutely a great place to live. I know from first-hand experience both as a resident and a real estate agent who has successfully sold several units there. I am also one of the HOA board of directors and have seen from behind the scenes that it is very well run.

I hope this gives you a better idea of West Ocean and what it may be like to purchase or rent in our beautiful community. You can review a full copy of the CC&Rs on this site at the link below.

HOA Documents Disclaimer

The CC&Rs and Bylaws listed below are public record. They are posted here as a place to reference but are not intended to be used as a substitute for those received through escrow. We strongly suggest that CC&Rs, Bylaws, budget, minutes, and any other HOA information reviewed through the due diligence period of escrow be ordered through an escrow company to ensure that you are receiving the proper documents with the most current copy including all amendments.

West Ocean CC&Rs and Bylaws

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