Meet Our Team

Mike Dunfee

DRE #01191497

A known community leader, team builder, and most of all family man, Mike Dunfee has been selling, leasing and managing Long Beach Real Estate since 1996.

Mike takes pride in listening to his client’s needs and considers it among his most essential skills. He is uniquely suited to guide and advise his clients with the wisdom and knowledge gained from decades in the industry successfully closing over 1,000 real estate transactions.

Mike is an enthusiastic member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) serving as the 2022 Long Beach Orange County Chapter President. He has traveled the country learning everything he can about property management and holds the NARPM RPM designation. He is also a member of the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities taking virtually every property management course they have to offer.

Mike holds the city of Long Beach, especially Downtown, near and dear to his heart. This city is not just the place he’s decided to operate his business, but where he’s chosen to raise his family. Because of this, being a devoted member of his community has always come naturally for him. Mike serves on the Board of Directors for the West Ocean HOA and the Board of Directors for the Aqua Master HOA. He is a past President of the Downtown Long Beach Residents Council (DRC) Board of Directors, as well as a Founder and Past President of the Ocean Boulevard Community Residents Association (ORCA). Mike has served on the DLBA Capital Improvement Task Force and was a member of the Long Beach Leadership graduating class of 2012.

Mike’s most significant professional accomplishment is putting together one of the best real estate teams in Long Beach. His team has seen continued success because they genuinely care about each other and most of all the clients who make it all possible.

When Mike is not hard at work for his clients, he can often be found running on the bike path, swimming at the Belmont Pool, playing guitar, or out to dinner having wine with his wife Shayla and their friends. One of the highlights of Mike’s life is spending time with his young daughter Berkeley who he adores.

Gisele Durham >> Operations Manager / DRE #02023414

Gisele is our Operations Manager and Quality Service Engineer. She is charged with ensuring we are delivering on our promise of quality service. Gisele works with all aspects of our Operations interfacing with the entire team. She makes sure things are running smoothly and that we remain compliant. Gisele is here to solve problems and more importantly prevent them before they ever occur.

Gisele has an eye for detail with administrative experience at a leading local luxury real estate brokerage. She has also played a key role for over a decade with a top local residential property management business. Gisele knows her stuff but draws from more than just the real estate industry. She has worked as a news reporter with the Associated Press and served in the Air Force. Plus Gisele owns rental property herself giving her the invaluable perspective of a landlord.

Gisele works hard and is dedicated to her role at the Mike Dunfee Group while still putting her family first. She lives in the Naples area with her husband David where they have raised three successful children, Andrew who is attending UCI, Jacob who serves in the Marines, and Chloe who is the Long Beach Poly Pace program.

Gabriela Jansen >> Portfolio Manager - Realtor® / DRE #01239606

Gabriela helps coordinate the escrows at the Mike Dunfee Group making sure all our paperwork is in order while also maintaining a portfolio of properties she is in charge of. She draws from a broad range of real estate experience, her love of people, and cultural diversity to excel at her job.

Originally from Costa Rica and fluent in Spanish, Gabriela Jansen came to the U.S. 28 years ago to study psychology at West Los Angeles College. The year 1998 marks the inception of Gabriela’s remarkable real estate career. In her first role as executive assistant to the broker at a small local brokerage, she learned valuable skills in management, negotiation, and administration.

She later went on to oversee the administration for three offices belonging to a large regional brokerage for 10 years and worked as the Marketing Center Administrator for a national real estate franchise.

Gabriela finds joy in assisting multi-cultural clients throughout the diverse and vibrant city of Long Beach which she has called home for the past 27 years. When Gabriela is not busy making her clients’ dreams come true, she spends her time enjoying art, eating international cuisine, and spending time with her 15-year-old son, Ryan. Gabriela also enjoys supporting wolf conservation foundations in California.

Gabriela is excited to be a part of this talented group of individuals; she is a predominant piece of the puzzle that has led to the continued success of the Mike Dunfee Group.

Sondra Hollis >> Portfolio Manager / Property Preservation Specialist / DRE #01909959

Sondra is a Portfolio Manager and Property Preservation Specialist. She is the lead person in charge of managing her portfolio of properties. She functions as the liaison between property owners and tenants. Sondra works hand and hand with our Maintenance Coordinator and our team of approved vendors making sure we take care of properties in her portfolio as well as the tenants who live there.

Sondra has well over a decade of Property Management experience working on both residential and commercial properties. She has handled large complicated portfolios before which is where she learned to be organized, responsive and good with technology. She is always cheerful, resourceful, and treats everyone with respect making her a perfect fit for the Mike Dunfee Group.

Sondra knows the market well and is familiar with a wide variety of neighborhoods. She grew up in the South Bay and graduated California State University Long Beach. Sondra currently lives in Torrance with her husband Rock and their two kids Rocky Jr. and Electra.

Alex Beltran >> Senior Accounting Administrator

Alex is our Senior Accounting Administrator. She works directly with Mike Dunfee and the rest of the team making sure our books are correct and that everyone gets paid on time. Alex is efficient and knows her job well. When she is on a task you can bet it will get done right away.

Alex has been a part of the Mike Dunfee Group since 2004. She is familiar with every part of the business. In addition to being the “go-to person” for office administration, billing, and employee issues, she has a background in advertising, property management, and direct-mail marketing. Alex is well versed in all aspects of real estate and coordinates our accounting, billing, payment processing, corporate reporting, transactions, disbursements, and reimbursements.

She is fluent in Spanish and a proud mother of five boys Javier, Tony, Fabian, Daniel, and Sergio. Alex is innovative, resourceful, and knows how to get a job done! Her expertise in sales and property management systems makes her a vital member of our team.

Jeanette Beltran >> Team Administrator

Jeanette is our Team Administrator and has been part of the Mike Dunfee Group since 2011. When she first joined our team, her responsibilities included basic office duties. Through hard work and dedication, Jeanette has learned many aspects of real estate sales, HOAs, and property management business.

With her extensive knowledge of AppFolio, our property management and HOA software, Jeanette has become invaluable in finding information about the hundreds of properties we handle. Now she focuses mostly on supporting the HOA and sales support while learning to cover for her sister Alex on the accounting side of the business.

Jeanette is very smart and a quick learner. She is steadfast and constant in her ability to produce appropriate forms and information promptly and efficiently. When she is not at the office solving problems, she is spending time with Mathew, her five-year-old son, and her baby girl Natalia who was born in July 2020.

Joel Loya >> Maintenance Manager

Joel Loya is our Maintenance Manager. He leads our maintenance team members through all phases of our maintenance projects including initial assessment and planning. He assigns workers and oversees each project from the beginning through completion. Joel takes charge of our “make ready” turns insuring newly vacant properties are looking good and ready for rent or sale on time.

Joel has a background in quality control in the aircraft industry, which shows, in his attention to detail. However, his lifelong love of all things construction and his need to stay busy makes him perfect for this key role in our maintenance department. He has a strong presence and leads by example. He is a problem solver who is always coming up with a better way of doing things. Joel was born and raised in Long Beach. He is active in his church, which is a very important part of his life. He also loves music, playing drums and bass in the church band. Most of all Joel is committed to his lovely wife Joanna and their five kids Lily, Aaron, Ruby, Emely, and Adrian.

Humberto Armenta >> Maintenance Technician

Humberto is our Maintenance Technician. Humberto can fix almost anything. He has worked in every aspect of construction over a span of 30 years. He is qualified to work on large complicated projects but enjoys the small ones. Humberto is the guy our other technicians go to when they do not know how to fix something. He is always helpful and always there with a smile. He gets up early in the morning and is always on time. We have a lot to learn from Humberto and are very happy he is part of the team. When Humberto is not fixing something for the Mike Dunfee Group, he is spending time with his family.

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