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Community Matters

Community Matters is a series highlighting people who make a difference in our Long Beach community.

The DOJ Ruling on Real Estate Commissions Explained

If you have been following the real estate or financial news you are aware that the United States Department of Justice, DOJ, has brought an action against the National Association of Realtors®, NAR, regarding commissions. You may have heard that the case has been settled and wonder what, if anything, will be different.

Will this be another example of the more things change the m... read more >>

How to Screen a Property Management Company

Property management companies screen tenants every day. Who screens property management companies? Both tenants and landlords should check out a management company before signing on. Most tenants hand over their biggest payment each month to their property manager and count on them to be around when things go wrong. Plus, there are a lot of read more >>

Thirteen Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Property Manager

Anyone who owns a property management business or is in a business development role for a management company spends a lot of time answering questions from property owners interviewing potential management companies. We get all kinds of questions and I love answering them. Some have pre-printed lists that they go through while others start asking questions and want more of a conversation. Either... read more >>

Should You Advertise a Rental Property That Is Currently Occupied?

Imagine if you will, your tenant has just given a 30-day notice. However, you count on the rent to pay the mortgage and cover other expenses. You cannot let this home sit vacant, so you check your lease agreement to make sure you have the right to show the property while the tenants are still there, and to your relief, you do. 

You instruct your manager to dig out the old marketing p... read more >>

Vacant Rental Property Risks and How to Reduce Them

There are risks involved with having a vacant rental property. This is also true for properties for sale or otherwise vacant. Sometimes, people do bad things to a vacant property and other times read more >>

Community Matters with Mike Dunfee Explained

Community Matters is a series highlighting people who make a difference in our Long Beach community. We hope providing this well-deserved recognition will inspire others to take action.  These people are the secret ingredient that makes our communities work. 

Check out our Community Matters series and if you see something or someone you like, please share the story. If you have ... read more >>

AB12: Maximum Security Deposit in California Changes July 2024 – What Landlords Need to Know!

The maximum security deposit a landlord can ask for in California is about to change. There is a new law, Assembly Bill 12, which takes effect starting July 1, 2024. AB12 states a rental property owner cannot demand or receive a security deposit in an amount that exceeds one month of rent.


Bad Things That Just Happen to a Vacant Property

We all know there are risks to having a vacant property, and there are a whole host of “bad actors”, from scammers to vandals, that pose a threat to your property’s well-being. Other times, bad things just happen to your property seemingly on their own. Regardless of the cause of the damages, the headaches that follow from putting out these fires are all the same. Here we will... read more >>

Bad Things People Do to Your Vacant Property

There are two kinds of risks faced by a vacant property. First, there are the bad things that people do to it, and then there are the bad things that just happen. Here, we’ll talk about bad things people do on a vacant property and give you a few tips on what you can do about it. We will cover bad things that just happen and go into more depth as to what can be done to reduce the risk in ... read more >>

Should a Landlord Meet a Prospective Tenant?

Imagine if you will, you hired a professional property management company to manage your property. Your management company has its screening process. That’s part of why you hired them. 

However, before you sign off on the lease, you want to do your extra due diligence and meet the tenants yourself in person just to be sure. After all, you are a good judge of character. They wil... read more >>