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In 1906, a banker named Stephen Green and his wife Josephine moved from Seattle and built an ornate Queen Anne Victorian residence in their new hometown of Long Beach, California. Now known as the Bembridge House, it sets on the National Register of Historic Places and the California Register of Historic Resources.

Walking through it today you can feel what they must have been like. This magnificent home is much more than a specimen of late Victorian architecture. It stands as an example of what a community can do working together in the name of local pride, preservation and heritage.

We are so fortunate to have Chris Hogan, the President of Long Beach Heritage, to explain what community volunteers do for the Bembridge House and what it brings to the community.

“I'm Chris Hogan and I’m President of Long Beach Heritage for nine years. I ran the Bembridge House's Chairman which is a vice-presidency position, but last year I was booted up to becoming President. I’ve been involved with Long Beach Heritage for quite some time, much longer than 10 years.

The Greens built the house in 1906, and as you heard, he was a local banker. In fact, his bank is where La Opera restaurant is now. Mr. Green passed away in 1912, and his widow Josephine sold the house in 1913. We don't know much about the owners after them, but the Rankin family moved in 1919. They were from Nebraska. Dorothy was nine years old and moved in 1961 after her father died. Dorothy lived in the house by herself for almost 40 years, she passed away here in 1999.

That's why the house is the Dorothy Bembridge house because she was definitely the longest resident to 1999. When Long Beach Heritage purchased the house in 2000, all of the contents came with it, so this makes the Bembridge House a very unique historic house museum. Everything in it belonged to Dorothy. Very few historic house museums are lucky to have that.

Our website is, so you can find information about Long Beach Heritage and the Bembridge House.”

Bembridge House is an outstanding example of how the efforts of a few voluntaries can make a difference in a community. Owned by non-profit and run by volunteers for the benefit of the community, the people involved are every bit as spectacular as this impressive property.

We encourage everyone who gets a chance to please check out the Bembridge House. Take one of the guided tours and attend a community event here. Donate or find out how you can get involved.

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