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Since 1996 the Mike Dunfee Group has been providing premier sales, leasing, and property management services throughout Long Beach and the surrounding areas. We strive to provide exceptional service and exceed client expectations.
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Long Beach Real Estate Blog

Jul 15, 2024

Commentary: The DOJ Ruling on Real Estate Commissions

We recently did a video blog in our Mike Explains series on the DOJ’s Ruling on Real Estate Commissions. Since then, I have had a little more time to think about the changes in real estate practices tha... read more >>

Jul 01, 2024

An Overview of the California Home Flipper Disclosure Law AB-968

Buying a property for the purpose of repairing, remodeling, or repositioning it to be put back on the market in a short period to be resold to make a profit is commonly referred to as flipping.

It is not as easy as it may seem. Some people are good at it and others are not. People are making a living at it and... read more >>