A different type of housing solution

System - Monday, January 29, 2018

I am proud to announce that MD Property Management division of the Mike Dunfee Group successfully leased and now manages 325 Daisy. It is a great property and the highest and best use that could be imagined for the 3,761 square foot piece of land in back of the small ally it sets on.

I would have never thought something so lovely could have been built on that lot. It also adds some housing stock that is a little different than what is currently being developed all over town. Both units did go at "market rate," but this did provide an "affordable," or maybe I should say a way less expensive option for the residents.

These are high-quality brand new modern homes with A/C, inside laundry, modern amenities, attached parking, and are clean with up to date styling. It is also a greener much more healthy home than most of what the other older alternatives that it sits around.

Here is also an article about the developer's vision.

Besides being an option for "Multi-Generational" Families these units provide an option for a "Multi-Family" or roommate based sort of household. This is an often overlooked option and another to our housing shortage. It is nice to see some new construction that fills this need. Besides being a more economical option, many people prefer to not live by themselves. There are many other potential housing options besides government subsidized rents.

I take my hat off to the developer and hope to see more units like this. We would love the opportunity to be involved with more similar type projects.