Downtown Long Beach gets a thumbs up from the Big Apple

System - Thursday, July 12, 2018

Many of you have probably read the New York Times article about Long Beach published early this year, as it has received considerable attention and I think it is worth discussing.

For those of us who live here in Long Beach, we have a unique ability to look at many of our cities faults with rose-colored glasses and see the good because we love it here. It's kind of like rooting for the home team. I think this article not only does an excellent job of pointing out many of the fantastic things happening within Long Beach, but it shows that we are being recognized nationally as a city with tremendous growth and potential who has consistently made decisions and changes to push us in the right direction.

The article discusses the "roughly three dozen projects, valued at around $3.5 billion" that are in the works for Downton Long Beach. Downtown Long Beach represents the city of Long Beach to the rest of the country and much of the world for that matter. It is clear that the improved reputation of Downtown Long Beach will help the entire city and is the spearhead of our development and renewal, and you feel that message come through in the article. Even though the article is only about Downtown Long Beach, it reads as though the Downtown is the entire city.

Downtown Long Beach is a significant economic engine for our city much like the Port of Long Beach and California State Long Beach. Downtown Long Beach, however, is maybe the most critical part of our cities image.

That being said, many great things are happening throughout the city, and we have much to look forward to soon. We will discuss these topics in future blogs because I believe it's important for people to know everything that is going on around the city and not just the major real estate projects happening in the Downtown.

If you have not already, I highly recommend you take a look at the article and even if you have it might be worth reading again here is a link to it: