Good News for San Pedro is good news for all!

System - Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Mike Dunfee Group sells and manages properties in San Pedro, and we are pleased to hear the exciting announcement recently regarding redevelopment of the San Pedro Ports O'Call Marketplace. This ¾ mile waterfront attraction was at one time a popular destination but now is frequently overlooked or forgotten by most people.

San Pedro is a unique housing market where some of the most challenged neighborhoods are those closest to the water; opposite of most coastal communities. Many of them are run down, and it may be in part due to the rent control. San Pedro has heart and may be a great place to make a long-term investment and does have some great neighborhoods that I encourage people to look into and enjoy.

The revisioning of San Pedro's Ports O'Call, or San Pedro Public Market, is a tremendous win for everyone. It is refreshing to see this much-needed renovation. Completion of this project will help San Pedro, and its local community while further bridging the ties between Long Beach and Palos Verdes. People living in Palos Verdes along with the rest of the South Bay need something more and have been missing a viable Ports O'Call. It will be especially helpful for the San Pedro community and help improve the neighborhood there.

We look at ports differently today. People used to look at ports as dirty, polluted areas full of adult books shops and drunken sailors. Now ports are becoming cleaner and much brighter at night. People want to live close to vibrant ports. They like the activity along with the economic engine they provide. It is good for housing and communities. The renaissance of San Pedro is invigorating and we are love to see the activity and local energy grow along with the progress. San Pedro has a rich fishing and military history, and I don't think the competition will hurt Long Beach a bit. It will give Long Beach residents and visitors alike, one more great destination to frequent.

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Check out the article to learn more about the new plans for San Pedro Public Market.