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Hi, this is Mike Dunfee. I'd like to take you for a walk along the Ocean Corridor. I'd like to show you some of the most important and interesting buildings along the way. And today we're going to start with the HarborPlace Tower located at 525 Seaside Way. Built in 1990 and 22 stories high, there's 220 residential units and they range in size from 625 to almost 2,700 square feet. Plus there is one commercial unit in the building. So there's two lobbies here at HarborPlace Tower. The main lobby here on Seaside Way and the secondary one up here on Ocean Boulevard. There's a great pool area along with a hot tub and a first-class gym. They've got a great conference room that you can reserve. They even have a TV set. There's tons of visitor parking which is unusual for any of the buildings up and down the Ocean Corridor. They even have a modern, secure package receiving room. Not only did the city approve the artwork in front of the HarborPlace Tower, they required the developer to put it in. The people that live here are generally more active or they like to at least be around activity. You can go for a bike ride or a jog on the bike path, you can walk out to the restaurants and things going on outside in the Downtown area. A lot of professionals and even some retired people enjoy the ability to lock their door and go travel and come back and still know that their place is safe and secure. The commercial space was originally intended to be a restaurant with some outdoor dining area. Now it makes a pretty good real estate office. Thanks for watching. This is Mike Dunfee and I look forward to showing you some of the other buildings that we have in store for you along the Ocean Corridor.

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