Improvements to be proud of

System - Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I highly recommend checking out this Curbed Los Angeles article laying out a little over a dozen new developments going on in Downtown Long Beach.

The article may not show every development going on in Long Beach, or even Downtown for that matter, however, it is still great to see that there is this much activity breaking ground and not just ideas, concepts or promises. This article does an excellent job of laying things out on a map.

Shovels are in the ground and improvements are taking place all around Long Beach. It puts a smile on my face. I have been selling real estate in this city for over 20 years and have been hearing promises of significant improvement since graduating college in the late 1980s. Each time these signs have always come up short. Now, however, it seems as if we are going to see real improvements in the area I have loved my entire adult life. It is about time!

Meanwhile, I have heard numerous concerns about traffic, parking, and the high cost of housing. These issues are the result of every vibrant city that has gone through significant development and dramatic growth. The benefits outway the negatives many times over.

A vibrant, redeveloped, Downtown is not only good for this neighborhood, but it helps the entire city of Long Beach as all its residents benefit from the added amenities and revenue. Just like a rundown, dilapidated, area can drag the rest of the city down with it, which is caused in many ways from excessive strains of social services to just the overall sad image can drag down the entire city.

This is our Downtown, and I am glad to see it start to grow and prosper. I'm looking forward to seeing this good to become contagious. Check out the article and let’s let keep the good times coming.