Long Beach beats out LA for Best Weather in the Country

Long Beach beats out LA for Best Weather in the Country

It is great to get confirmation of what many of us have always suspected. The Washington Post recently published an article naming Long Beach, California as the city with the most days with nice weather in the country. They give the exact criteria in their article, but they classify a nice day as comfortable weather that does not require a jacket, umbrella, wind protection or air conditioning. As someone who frequently walks to work, I love that I can wear a business suit or shorts without regard to the weather.

One of the most remarkable things about the study, in my opinion, is that Long Beach wins by a landslide. Long Beach with 210 nice days has 28 more than the second place Los Angeles coming in at 182. Los Angeles is a fine city, but Long Beach according to this article, has almost a full month more of nice days in a year than Los Angeles. San Diego is third with a respectable 178 nice days. It is not like we are talking about Minneapolis and Philadelphia. Los Angeles and San Diego have some of the best reputations for great weather in the world.

I have always felt that Long Beach is a little cooler in the summer and a little warmer in the winter than most every place I seem to find myself in. One time several years ago I had a client who claimed to have a scientific explanation as to why Long Beach almost always has the best weather. His theory revolved around our proximity to the hills of Palos Verdes, the ocean breeze, and high-pressure system. I wish I could still recall his exact explanation. Regardless of the scientific details, Long Beach came out on top according to the Washington Post, and I'm happy to see it. Now I can say pleasure, "we have less traffic than Los Angeles and better weather." 😎

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