Long Beach, CA: More than L.A.'s kid brother

Mike Dunfee - Thursday, December 20, 2018

I found a fun article on CNN travel about Long Beach that might make you smile. It is called Long Beach, CA: More than L.A.'s kid brother. It is a fun read that gives a little perspective from an outsider.

I enjoy seeing that LBC's reputation is continuing to improve. Perhaps it is because Snoop Dog is now on a show with Martha Stewart, but I think it is because we are beginning to be seen as more than just a good value.

Long Beach is much easier living than Los Angeles while still offering more complexity, arts, and entertainment than Orange County. Our traffic is not as crazy. We have many different types of neighborhoods with many different styles of homes and lifestyles for that matter. You can live on the beach, in a high-rise, on a golf course, in a subdivision, in a mid-century modern home, Spanish-style, traditional home, luxury apartment, entry-level apartment, etc. You get the picture. We are diverse and have good schools.

There is no need to take my word for it, here is the link:

There is a nice short video too. Nothing too earthshaking but I would encourage you to send it to some out of town family and friends to help encourage them to visit you.