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I am very excited to announce that The Mike Dunfee Group was recently featured in the ongoing LBLB - Long Beach Local Business - mini-documentary series, produced by 7SUN MEDIA. I personally think that this is a wonderful project that does an excellent job at highlighting some of the amazing local businesses that we have in Long Beach. Isaac Svensson was a pleasure to work with and I am incredibly happy with how this video turned out. 

As always, we are here if you are looking to buy, sell, or have a place that needs management or needs someone to take care of the property. We are totally plugged in here and have a bunch of great systems and great people to help take care of the properties that need to be rented. We have great tenants too - they always seem to find us as soon as we put a place up on the market. 

Be kind to each other and let’s appreciate each other throughout this COVID-19. Let’s take a minute to be with the people you love and care about. And even take a minute to be kind to people you don’t know who are hiding behind that mask. Give them smiles and goodwill because those are contagious too. Take care and be kind.

For more LBLB videos or to apply to have your business featured, please go to

Dunfee Real Estate Services, Inc. 

DRE #02026232

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