Mike Dunfee Group New Office Tour

Hi well, we’ve moved down the street. We’ve taken over the commercial space at 525 Seaside Way - otherwise known as the Harbor Place Tower - right in the heart of the Ocean Corridor. C’mon, let’s check out the new office space.

It’s not decorated yet as you’ll see but here is our reception area and this is where the reception desk is going to be. However, we do have our conference room fully furnished and operational - same with the accounting office. The accounting department is in there and they don’t have to be stuck behind cubicles anymore. Here we got our portfolio managers and listing manager. I’m showing you this office, they have a view of the ocean and you can see the Queen Mary and it’s a nice space to work in. Now here’s my office - you can tell by the guitar - and then here’s our business development center for the property management department. Michael Parham is back here solving problems before they even happen. Back here is room for transaction coordination, we got a portfolio manager back here and the advertising person is back here. Of course, every office needs a kitchen and a copy machine. We have both of those as well.

Like I said, we’ve not been decorated yet but when we get fully decorated we’ll have a grand opening - Looking forward to having people in here. I got to hand it to the team though. We were able to move down the road and get all this setup, and operational, and looking good and we didn’t miss a beat. So, thanks for checking out our new office space and we’ll keep you updated for the grand opening.

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