Our Property Management Services Explained

Hi, I’m Mike Dunfee with The Mike Dunfee Group. We offer really great property management - even if it’s something you’ve never considered. Here’s how it works: You own a home or homes that you rent out. Properties and tenants need care, repairs, maintenance, rent collection, upkeep, upgrades - anyone who's owned a home knows keeping it up can easily turn into a lot of work. But hiring a property manager can change the quality of your life and ultimately you can finally stop worrying about that rental property. You’ll have less stress, more time, and honestly most people even end up saving money. We handle the property, the people, and the paperwork. Our periodic inspections keep you up to date with the condition of your home. Our maintenance team and vetted vendors keep everything ship-shape. If anything happens, your tenants call us and we resolve most issues. If it’s important, we get a hold of you right away. We help you worry less and let your property work for you. We take care of your tenants too. They can pay online, are given helpful resources, and are encouraged to communicate with us. Our relationship with your tenants helps ensure your home is always well taken care of. Opening up your home is a risk and that’s why we document everything - and we know what to document. We are the professionals skilled at filling vacancies, screening tenants, pricing rents, and recommending to you when and if they should be raised. We handle it all. We will advise you and we have your back. We provide clear boundaries between you and your tenants and the result is that you and your tenants are happy. That ultimately makes everyone’s life better and saves you money. The decision to go with the right property manager is one of the best things you can do for your property, the quality of life for your tenants, and your peace of mind. 

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