Periodic Inspections: What You Need to Know

Hi, this is Mike Dunfee with the Mike Dunfee Group and today we’re going to talk about periodic inspections. They’re usually done annually or biannually. I used to not be a fan of periodic inspections but after all these years in the business, I’ve become a firm believer. Now, we’re not there to see how people or living - or snooping on them to see if they made their bed or did their dishes. We’re there to check the general overall condition of the property and make sure there’s no surprises like six cats we didn’t know about. We’ll also check in with the tenant - make sure they’re happy - and see if there’s stuff that the landlord needs to take care of. It may be a health and safety issue like a loose railing on a balcony. We want to prevent something like that slow leak that turns into a $40,000 black mold claim that the insurance company turns down because we neglected to check in on the property. Those kind of things we can stop with a periodic inspection. So, if you’d like to talk about inspections or any other property-related issue we’re more than happy to talk with you here at the Mike Dunfee Group.

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