Rainbow Bridge Opens Downtown

System - Monday, December 18, 2017

Described as a functional art piece, the Rainbow Bridge has just opened to the public and is as much art as it is an actual bridge. One of the reasons we like to focus so much on the Downtown of Long Beach is that there are so many exciting things happening, and this newly completed bridge is one of the coolest new editions.

The Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful, funky, fun and bright piece of art the resembles a wave. It is a brave and daring accomplishment that helps emphasize the Downtown's proximity to the ocean, which is a fact that is often forgotten.

The project, which cost nearly $10 million, has 3,500 LED lights, 100 downlights, 70 flood lights and stretches 605 feet in length. Many have spoken about the physical connectivity and beauty this new bridge brings, but I also feel that it brings some much-needed light to an area that felt very dark at night and this should make people more comfortable walking in that area as well as continuing the remainder of Long Beach's commitment to the arts. I highly encourage everyone to go check it out. For more information be sure to check out the video and article included below.