Sales and Management: Why We’re Different

When it comes to real estate, people want to know they’re dealing with someone they can trust. Most brokerages just sell real estate and most property management companies just manage property. Single service firms may be inadvertently giving you biased advice based on the service they provide; this is where we’re different. Here at The Mike Dunfee Group, our sales and management services are interconnected.

There are countless advantages of having sales and management handled by the same brokerage but none more important than the value of the relationships and the trust created along the way. We take a holistic approach to real estate. We advise and provide services based on what’s best for you. We leverage relationships whether it's by turning tenants into buyers, assisting management clients with a sale, connecting you with vendors, or simply taking care of the problem with our in-house technicians. 

Our mission is to build and preserve wealth, communities, and quality of life through real estate. Simply put, we make life better through real estate - it’s what we do. So, if you want to check out our brokerage services, our management services, or you’re still not sure what’s best for you, let’s start the conversation. 

Dunfee Real Estate Services, Inc.

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