Which properties are “Exempt” under California Statewide Rent Control, AB-1482?

Single family residences including condos are exempt from California Statewide Rent Control, AB-1482, if:

  • Proper notice of exemption is given to the tenants and;
  • Owner is not a Real Estate Investment Trust, Corporation, or LLC where an owner is a Corporation.

Other Exemptions include:

  • Housing with a certificate of occupancy issued within the past 15 years. 
  • Owner occupied duplexes where the property is the owner’s primary residence at the beginning of tenancy. 
  • Owner occupied single family-residences renting out no more than two bedrooms (including Accessory Dwelling Units); this exemption is only applied to “Just Cause” and not “Rent Cap.”
  • Student housing officially connected to an educational institution. 
  • Housing covered under municipal price controls stricter than AB-1482.

For most residential landlords this means that the house or a condo you are leasing out is “Exempt” provided that you have made the proper disclosure to your tenants.  Otherwise, you are “Non-Exempt” and are subject to “Rent Cap” and “Just Cause” restrictions. 

To read more about AB-1482, click this link to be taken to the official website:

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