How a Long Beach Property Management Company Keeps Vacancy Low in Your Investment Property

There are many reasons why a landlord should use a professional property management company to manage their rental property. One of them is a manager’s ability to fill a vacancy faster.

Real Estate Marketing

A professional property manager will know how to market your property. We know what photos to use, and what key features to focus on, whether it’s parking, air conditioning, inside laundry, or whatever will hook a tenant for your property. We also know where to market. We advertise on the MLS, or sites like Craigslist,, and WestSideRentals. It’s important to find an appropriate fit for your property.

A professional will know if a For Rent sign should go in front of the property. Professionals already have a system in place. We aren’t starting from the beginning. A dedicated person will market your property, which is particularly important in the digital world. Our system has been navigated, and we know it works. Better quality advertising leads to better quality tenants.

Showings and Cross-Selling

A professional property manager will have more showing availability. That’s our job – to show your property. We offer bonuses to our staff, and it’s their priority. We know how to get the most showings for your property, which leads to a large pool of applicants.

Property managers can also cross-sell your property to tenants looking for homes. We get calls from tenants every day looking for a property. If one property doesn’t fit because it’s too small or doesn’t allow pets, we can offer another property, and that one might be yours. You want to rent through someone who has the advantage of tenants calling all day.

Tenants Prefer Professional Relationships

Tenants prefer going through a property management company. They like having this business relationship. They are more comfortable giving their personal information and paying rent to a professional company. Tenants have told us they prefer to lease properties that are professionally managed. It’s a relationship that they respect.

Screening and Leasing

Once we have a tenant who wants to apply, we have a screening system. We have a lease we’re familiar with, and addenda for special circumstances. If you have a condo, we use a condo addendum. The quicker we can get the deal done, the quicker we can get the earnest money and have the contract signed. Your property will be filled, and filling your vacancy fast puts money in your pocket.

If you have any questions about this or anything associated with real estate investing, contact us at the Mike Dunfee Group. We’d be happy to serve as your Long Beach property management resource.

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