Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Update on the Breakers Hotel Renovation

Back in November I first wrote about my excitement over the development happening with the new Breakers Hotel, and now due to some recent events and updates, I felt compelled to revisit this important topic.

Why I Care

The Breakers means so much to downtown Long Beach it’s a prominent focal point along the Ocean Corridor and seeing the care and devotion being put in by the developers, people who actually care about the Long Beach community and seeing our cit... read more >>

Friday, February 1, 2019

Is Setting Your Long Beach Investment Property's Rent Too Low Risky?

Pricing rents correctly is one of the most critical parts of leasing and managing property. It’s important not to ask too much for rent, but it’s equally important not to let the rent stay too low. In this article, we will address pricing rents too low. We commonly see properties with rents priced too low, and although this happens with properties under management, it is more common to see it happen when a property is self-managed by the owner. A leading indicator of why this happens is when a property is not monitored as closely as it should be. Landlords often allow rents to r... read more >>

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Weather in Long Beach Still ‘Rains’ Supreme

Having recently been named the city with the most days of nice weather in the country by The Washington Post, this recent rainfall seems out of character for Long Beach. 

On January 7th, it was reported that Long Beach has received 4.43 inches of rain since October 1st. In comparison, Long Beach had only received .07 inches of rain by January 6th last year. I haven’t read any exact numbers about the amount of rainfall that we have received in the past couple of days but I’m sure it's safe to say that the previously measured 4.43 inches of rain ... read more >>

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Long Beach, CA: More than L.A.'s kid brother

I found a fun article on CNN travel about Long Beach that might make you smile. It is called Long Beach, CA: More than L.A.'s kid brother. It is a fun read that gives a little perspective from an outsider.

I enjoy seeing that LBC's reputation is continuing to improve. Perhaps it is because Snoop Dog is now on a show with Martha Stewart, but I think it is because we are beginning to be seen as more than just a good value.

Long Beach is much easier living than Los Angeles while still offering more complexity, arts, and entertainment than Or... read more >>

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Breakers renovation is a Big Break for Ocean Boulevard!

With so many things are changing in Downtown Long Beach and Ocean Boulevard it is easy to miss some key developments. One of the most refreshing and most important transformations along the Ocean corridor is the renovation of The Breakers Hotel.

Earlier this year I wrote about the excitement regarding the purchase of this historic landmark in November of 2017. Now, a year later, we are starting to see some direction of how the new hotel will take shape, and I will say first hand, the anticipation is growing.

With its glamorous and turbulent history, there are few Long Beach land... read more >>

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How Much Do I Charge for Rent in Long Beach, CA? Setting Your Rent Too High

Correctly pricing your rent is one of the most important parts of leasing and managing rental property. To successfully rent out your property, don't set it too high or too low. We'll talk about the pitfalls of setting it too high in today's blog. In a future blog, we'll discuss the problems you encounter when you set it too low.

Rental Price is based on the Market

First, understand that the market determines the rental amount. Month... read more >>

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Long Beach beats out LA for Best Weather in the Country

It is great to get confirmation of what many of us have always suspected. The Washington Post recently published an article naming Long Beach, California as the city with the most days with nice weather in the country. They give the exact criteria in their article, but they classify a nice day as comfortable weather that does not require a jacket, umbrella, wind protection or air conditioning. As someone who frequently walks to work, I love that I can wear a business suit or shorts without regard to the weather.

One of the most remarkable things about the study, in my opinion, is that... read more >>

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Important Tips for Successfully Renting Out Your Long Beach Condo

Leasing and managing condos is a specialty. In many ways, it's easier than managing a single family home, but there are also many ways that make it more involved and sometimes, more difficult. 

How is a Condominium Easier to Manage?

With a condo, all the common and exterior areas are much easier to maintain because it is primarily the job of the Home Owners Association to do so. You don't have to worry about landscaping, the pool, the roof, or any exterior paint, as these types of repairs are taken care of, which is convenient.


Friday, July 20, 2018

More Good News for Ocean Boulevard!

They have finally broken ground on the old abandoned Verizon building on Ocean Boulevard, which you may have noticed if you have driven by over the last week or so. For what must be well over a decade the Verizon building located at 200 West Ocean has been vacant creating a sizeable dark spot along Ocean Blvd and a place for vagrants to hide. The recently released renderings look great. From what I understand it seems like there will be mostly residential units, some office/creative space, and retail on the first floor. Penthouses will also be built on the top floor like the Edison and Insu... read more >>

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Downtown Long Beach gets a thumbs up from the Big Apple

Many of you have probably read the New York Times article about Long Beach published early this year, as it has received considerable attention and I think it is worth discussing.

For those of us who live here in Long Beach, we have a unique ability to look at many of our cities faults with rose-colored glasses and see the good because we love it here. It's kind of like rooting for the home team. I think this article not only does an excellent job of pointing out many of the fantastic things happening within Long Beach, but it shows that we are being recognized nationally as a cit... read more >>

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